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We've got you covered, literally. 

Every item you own was once created by unique ideas, thoughtful hands, and skilled makers. They then captured a piece of your hearts, immortalised a memory or signified a specific point in time. Some of these items, you might have inherited from a sibling, a grandparent or a friend. Like an intricate tapestry, they form threads to your personalities, experiences and spaces, writing a unique narrative. But just as you outgrow places and people, you can outgrow these things too. Though they may no longer seem useful to you, they are still valuable and their stories to be continued in new hands and different homes.

We started Fabric & Article as a way to pass on these fragments, memories and once-treasured things to those who can continue their story, to live sustainably. We want to help you tie these threads together and close the loop mindfully. Our collections of clothing, decor, furniture, accessories and more are curated with intention. We perform a careful assessment of quality and the inherent potential of every item with creative intention in honour of their original makers. 

About us

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All our work is done by kind and wonderful people who see our vision and volunteer their time, talents and threads. We deeply value creatives and are grateful for every individual that has volunteered with us. 

All profits from the sale of items are used to help under-paid garment workers, small businesses and creative entrepreneurs who need the help to make their dreams come true.

What our customers say about us

"I love that this small, sustainable shop reflects the wonderful and compassionate person behind it. Everything I've purchased from Fabric And Article has been of great quality, in excellent condition and at affordable prices! I can't wait to see more."

"I love buying second hand.  To me it is more meaningful and exciting. Fabric & Article has a really great collection, and more importantly I love what the brand stands for. Their quality is great and their packaging is sustainable!"

"Throughout my life I always supported the idea of thrifiting and Fabric & Article finally gave me the opportunity to practice it and live a more sustainable lifestyle. The wide variety of clothes are very pretty. I received so many compliments, and the quality is amazing!"

- Keziah Malcolm - 

- Deborah Jessica - 

- Paula Pietrowski- 

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