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Sustainability & Secondhand

How We Operate

Fabric & Article is a return to the nostalgia of hand-me-downs, vintage finds and one-of-a-kind collectables. We hope our store feels like rummaging in your sister's closet, or the smell of your grandmother’s talcum powder on her saris or running your hands along a comfortable old wooden bookshelf. 


Clothes and furniture are more than just space-occupying elements. These are things that speak to your inner signature style, with stories, personality and character all their own. We hope that as you interact with Fabric & Article, you will discover a whole new perspective on the things that surround you. 


Our mission is to educate our communities about the joy and beauty of secondhand shopping. The mass-market fashion industry contributes heavily towards carbon emissions, intense water usage, waste, and pollution of all kinds, while working conditions are dangerous for factory workers and children from poorer geographies (often our own and those in neighbouring Asian countries). We believe that fashion doesn’t need to be expensive and exploitive. We hope that each item you buy inspires consciousness and demonstrates a love for the environment. 


We believe that with passing on each garment, we are passing on a piece of history, a legacy, something that has been treasured once and can be loved again.

Why Secondhand 

Purchasing second hand prevents a large number of perfectly good fabrics and furnishings from ending up in landfills or on street side garbage dumps. It creates a market that makes our economy more circular - this just means that we're reusing things and closing the loop.

The clothes we sell are fashioned to help you put together outfits, to mix and match items that work well together and add flavour to your wardrobe and help you express your style. We make the effort to provide images that put together a look, so that you're inspired with ideas on how to style your favourite pieces. 

We believe that buying secondhand isn't just about grabbing as many items or having a cart full of stuff you got for cheap. It's about choosing carefully to slow down the fast-fashion train and the over-consumption chain and to create a wardrobe of clothing you truly enjoy and a home in which you feel like you truly belong. 

Plastic Free Packaging 

We have worked very hard to ensure all of our packaging is plastic-free and as sustainable as possible. We have collaborated with organisations that pay fair wages to create the packaging we've designed from fabric 'waste'. We also reuse and upcycle paper, cardboard and other elements required for our packaging material. 

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