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The people involved in the making of Fabric And Article:
people who gave us, the people who buy from us, the people who made this for us

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If you had a go-to outfit, what would that be? How has your style evolved in the last five years and why do you think that is?


My go-to outfits at the moment are oversized sweaters worn over midi dresses. I usually pair these with a fabric headband and mules. For a long time, I had a work wardrobe that was a tight ponytail, high waisted trousers and blouses so this transition to a more relaxed vibe feels like an easing into my thirties and a less high strung busy lifestyle. I used to be very concerned about what I looked like in the clothes, treating them almost like costumes that catered to the audience I was with, but I have begun to understand that being versatile or trendy or creating an impression was less important to me than feeling like myself in the clothes I wear. 


Where do you see your community on the journey towards sustainable fashion, and which direction do you wish them to go in the future?


Shortly before the pandemic, I had organised this two-day pop-up thrift shop at my house and sold cutlery, furniture, bags and clothes. Sadly, I noticed that people were less inclined towards purchasing the clothes. This was so interesting to me because we are a culture that loves (and has grown up in) the hand-me-downs of sisters, aunts, friends and mothers. I am not sure if it's the degrees of separation or the element of money that alters the way we perceive used clothes. I hope that stores like Fabric & Article help to change these thought patterns and that the intrinsic value associated with thrifted garments improves with education.


What's the most unique piece of clothing you own?


The most unique piece of clothing I own is perhaps my wedding dress which was custom made for me so it fits just right and is the perfect blend of classic and glam. But I do really love this pair of pointed heels in a denim fabric that is really cool - I bought them during the pandemic last year so I haven't had the chance to wear them but I haven't seen anything like it. 


If someone close to you could describe your style in three words, what would they say? 


My style used to be described as 90's preppy- cosmopolitan and it has now transitioned into something that is far more minimalist, vintage and comfortable. 

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