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The people involved in the making of Fabric And Article:
people who gave us, the people who buy from us, the people who made this for us

What is your story of how you got into thrifting? What was your first thrifted item and how do you feel about it now? 


I’d always been imprinted with the idea that wearing someone else’s clothes was unhygienic and unnecessary. My mum and I loved taking shopping trips, and we’d often return from them with bags of clothes. 


In the summer of my second year of college, I traveled to Istanbul for an internship, and I completely fell in love with the city. The culture, the art, the paved streets; all of them compelled me so much. While roaming around one evening, I stumbled across a small shop showcasing the most unique earrings in a vintage style. Intrigued, I went inside, and was led down the stairs leading to the rest of the store - a huge underground space with racks upon racks of second-hand clothing. I felt as though I was Alice travelling down the rabbit hole. 1880s-style satin gowns with puffy sleeves were the next aisle over from colourful 1980s-style bellbottoms. I fell in love with thrifting right then, and continue to remain on the lookout for good thrifted clothes even now. It’s been ages since I bought something new, and I feel amazing for it!


How do the clothes you wear and the space you inhabit inform your work or your mood for the day? Do you adopt a less is more attitude or do you enjoy collecting things that have character?


What I’m wearing always reflects my mood of the day, and amplifies it. Some days, I’m creative and eclectic, and I pick up colourful pants and matching jewellery. Other days, I’m in tune with my culture, so I’m wearing something Indian with handicrafts as accessories. If I want to be comfortable and relaxed, I put in minimal effort into my appearance and instead reach for a soft top and loose pants. The variety I like to have with my clothes means that my cupboard and my belongings are always many- and I’m unable to throw anything away! That’s why I’ve been trying to upcycle and reuse my things as much as possible, so that I can keep my love for character and diversity while purchasing less. 


What's the most unique piece of clothing you own?


I think the most unique piece of clothing I own is a thrifted, flowy, scarlet dress. Well, I say dress- it’s a dress, a cape, and a shrug all at once. I pull it over my shoulders and tie it at the front, keeping it short, and it has a long train at the back.  Wearing it makes me feel like a flower witch (which isn’t actually a thing- I made it up just for the feeling I get when I wear this dress!) I’m very happy I’ve been exploring and not sticking to my teenage staples of jeans and a top. Through Fabric & Article, I hope to expose others to the joy of this exploration as well! 

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